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Denture Relines and Denture Repairs in Red Deer

The human body is constantly changing. The tissue in your jawline can change and shrinkage can occur. When this happens, your dentures might not fit properly. Additionally, dentures can become damaged over time and use. In either case, Dentures By Design can assist you with denture relines and denture repairs in Red Deer. A relining process will make the denture fit better and you will find that it is far more comfortable.

Meanwhile, a repair will restore fractured or damaged dentures to close to their original condition. If a denture requires repair, it is entirely possible that it is indicative of other problems, such as the age of the denture, worn teeth, or poor fit. Your best option is to consult with our denturists and see what the right course of action is for you.

Patient Testimonials

“When I first came to Kim, 20 years ago, I was not wearing my lower denture. She made me new complete upper and lower dentures and I have been wearing them ever since. 

“I lived all over Alberta and came back for my next set in 2014 because I was happy with these and the new set, even though I drive 1.5 hours for appointments. I would recommend Kim because I was very satisfied with her work. My appearance is the same as before, which I wanted.”

Gloria B. 
Oct. 8, 2014




Getting implanted dentures may be the best decision of your life.


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